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Welcome to the Library of Things! The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional library items, such as board games, puzzles, Chromebooks, crafting supplies, exploration kits, and technology. Browse our complete Library of Things Collection in the catalog or browse the collections below.

For more information on how to checkout any of our Library of Things items, check out our Library of Things Procedure. The Library of Things was developed in partnership with the Lynnfield Recycling Committee. If you would like to make a suggestion of something we should add to our Library of Things, please do so using our Purchase Request Form.

Crafting Collection

Get creative with our Crafting Collection! Knit, sew, crochet, cut, and create.

Six pairs of crafting scissors
Crafting Scissors
A box containing pom-pom and tassel making tools.
Pom Pom & Tassel Maker
A tracing light box used so artists can trace images from an illuminated page onto another page.
Light Box
Stencil kit including airplanes, the sun, stars, shapes, and various natural and manmade objects.
Stencil Kit: Shapes & Nature
A stencil kit for tracing featuring many animals.
Stencil Kit: Animals
A kit of round looms perfect for creating hats and other rounded crafts.
Round Knitting Loom Kit
A miniature loom that you can hold on your lap. Perfect for kids.
Lap Loom
A kit including a yarn winder and a swift for organizing your yarn.
Yarn Winder & Swift

Game Collection

Play and have fun with our Game Collection! We have over 40 board and strategy games like Apples to Apples and Scrabble. Perfect for all ages! You can also check out our Video Game Collection, with games for all ages!

A label for the Lynnfield Library of Things Game Collection.

Outdoors Collection

Explore the great, wide world with our Outdoors Collection! Be sure to check out our Explorer Kits, designed to get kids excited about nature. Explorer kits come with a couple of books, binoculars, a compass, and a magnifying glass, as well as colored pencils and a notebook so kids can draw what they find!

A pair of binoculars.
A collection of books and other materials that are part of an Explorer kit designed for kids to explore the beach and write down their findings.
Explorer Kit: The Beach
A collection of books and other materials like binoculars and a magnifying glass as part of an explorer kit designed to have kids investigate rocks and record their finds.
Explorer Kit: Rocks
A collection of books and other materials including a magnifying glass and compass as part of an explorer kit to encourage kids to explore their world; this kit specifically focuses on bugs
Explorer Kit: Bugs
A collection of books and other materials like a compass and binoculars as part of an explorer kid which encourages kids to get out and explore nature. This kit focuses on birds
Explorer Kit: Birds
A soil testing kit to test the soil for acidity, light levels, etc.
Soil Tester
A bag, pair of binoculars, and Birds of Massachusetts book to help you get started on your birding adventure.
Birdwatching Kit

Puzzle Collection

Put it all together with our Puzzle Collection! Our puzzle collection was generously donated by members of the community along with library staff. There are puzzles with animals, Scottish landscapes, beautiful works of art, famous moments in art, and so many more! Located on the first floor of the library, there are more than FIFTY puzzles to explore ranging from 24 to 1,000 pieces.

A label for the Lynnfield Library of Things Puzzle Collection

Technology Collection

Let’s get technological with our Technology Collection! Watch DVDs on the go, dance to music blasting from our Bluetooth speaker, or digitize your precious camera-captured memories with our film to digital converter. Also be sure to check out our Chromebook Kits, Wireless Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Mobile Phone Chargers (in-library use only), and ever-popular Nintendo Switch Lites!

A large ring light fitted with a phone.
Ring Light (Large)
A small ring light.
Ring Light (Small)
A selfie stick fitted with a phone.
Selfie Stick
A plug for a home energy evaluation kit to test for energy usage in the home.
Home Energy Evaluation Kit
A handheld magnifier. This magnifies pages, screens, etc., to make them easier to read. It also can be changed to accommodate for color blindness and other situations.
RUBY Handheld Magnifier
A film-to-digital converter. This takes 35mm film and digitizes it frame by frame.
Digital Film Scanner
A slide viewer used to illuminate and view slides and film.
Slide Viewer
A portable DVD player perfect for viewing DVDs on the road!
Portable DVD Player
A portable CD player for listening to CDs on the go.
Portable CD Player
A portable document scanner. You can hook it up to a computer and digitize documents.
Portable Document Scanner
A set of small precision screwdrivers.
Precision Screwdriver Set
A Texas Instruments mode 84 graphing calculator
TI-84 Graphing Calculator
A set of tools for geometry including protractors, compasses, rulers, pencils, pencil sharpener, and more.
Geometry Tools Set
A bluetooth speaker for playing music or other audio while connected to a phone, computer, or other bluetooth-enabled device.
Bluetooth Speaker
An LED enabled magnifier to illuminate and enlarge text, images, etc.
LED Magnifier
A phone holder that clips onto a table or other surface. Perfect for filming yourself doing a craft, etc.
Clip-On Phone Holder
A box and figure sets which play children's songs and read children's stories. Some bundles are related to franchises or media like Sesame Street, Batman, and Disney characters. WiFi connection required.
Tonies (Toniebox & Figure Bundles)
A stylus which can be used to use an iPad in lieu of a finger.
iPad Stylus
A collection of various charging cables and a portable charging bank for on-the-go powerups.
Charging Kit
A player which plays cassette tapes and also allows you convert cassette audio to mp3 files with a computer connection.
Cassette Player
Designed for people with colorblindness, these glasses allow people with colorblindness to see a great spectrum of colors.
EnChroma Color Blind Glasses
External DVD Drive
GoPro Hero 10
Car Tire Air Pump
Stud Detector
iPad Stand
iPhone Stand
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
A Nintendo Switch Lite for playing Nintendo Switch games. The Lite is a handheld only version of the Switch.
Nintendo Switch Lite
A kit containing a chromebook, a hot spot, a mouse, and instructions for using all three.
Chromebook Kit
A mobile hot spot used to creating a WiFi network for portable internet.
Hot Spots

Travel Collection

Bon voyage! Travel near and far with our Travel Collection. We have international wall plug adapters and a luggage scale.

A series of plugs and an adapter used to plug into outlets in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.
World Travel Adapter
A handheld scale used to weigh luggage for trips.
Digital Luggage Scale

Wellness Collection

Rest and relax with our Wellness Collection! We have Things to help you calm down and unwind, like a White Noise Machine and a Neck & Back Massager. We also have several activities designed for people with memory conditions like dementia, called our Memory Kits. You can learn more about our accessibility resources and services on our Accessibility page.

A lamp that uses light to assist in reducing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which occurs due to Vitamin D deficiency.
Light Therapy Lamp
A memory kit is a collection of flash cards and audiovisual materials designed to help people with memory conditions.
Memory Kits
A collection of four letter crosswords designed for people with memory conditions like dementia.
4-Letter Crosswords
A collection of four letter word search puzzles designed for people with memory conditions.
4-Letter Word Searches
A white noise machine which produces white noise or other static sounds designed to help the listener relax.
White Noise Machine
A kneading back and neck massager
Neck & Back Massager
A beautiful puzzle with cardinals and robins. Includes a book on birds of North America.
Garden Birds Puzzle Kit
A memory matching game featuring many animals and plants.
Animals & Plants Matching Game
A board with several fidget functions including a shoelace, timer, etc.
Busy Board

Children’s Collection

We have numerous “Things” for children, so check out our list of Children’s Library of Things Items! We have puzzles, games, and kits.

  • Early Literacy Kits: These kits combine books and toys so you can help your little one learn to read, play, and tell stories. Choose from the Farm, Three Little Pigs, Shapes, and Fairy Tales kits! These literacy kits are shelved in the Children’s Room.
  • Dino Lingo Foreign Language Kits: Dino Lingo for Kids learning program teaches the most common 200 words and phrases of a foreign language in 6 lessons. Each kit includes one backpack with a CD, DVD, and set of 150 flashcards in a different language. These kits are shelved in the Children’s Room.
  • Explorer Kits: These kits come with a couple of books, binoculars, a compass, and a magnifying glass, as well as colored pencils and a notebook so kids can draw what they find! These are part of the Outdoors Collection and are shelved with the main Library of Things.
  • Children’s Puzzles: While most puzzles are for all ages, we have some designed specifically for younger children with larger, blockier pieces. These are shelved with the Puzzle Collection with the rest of the Library of Things.
  • Children’s Board & Strategy Games: Many games, like puzzles, are designed for all ages. We have several games that are perfect for children or are “Junior” versions of popular adult board games. Take a look! Games are shelved with the Game Collection with the rest of the Library of Things.
  • Children’s Video Games: We have over one hundred video games available for circulation at the library for a variety of platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation (3, 4, and 5), Xbox (Series X, One, 360), Nintendo DS & 3DS, and more. We also circulate Nintendo Switch Lites, which are handheld versions of the popular Nintendo Switch. Video games are available in the Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult sections. The Nintendo Switch Lites are available at the Circulation Desk and may be reserved online.

More “Things”

Tote bags for carrying things
Tote Bags

Long-Term Lending Technology Program

The Library is committed to ensuring everyone in our community has access to the technology necessary for work, school, and play. With that in mind, we’ve created a long-term lending program for our Chromebook Kits, giving all patrons access to Wi-Fi and a Chromebook for up to 24 weeks at a time. For more information, please see our Long-Term Lending Technology Program page.

A computer, hotspot, and mouse for long-term lending.

Seed Library

A Seed Library is a collection of seeds provided to the community at no cost. We hope that through providing seeds to the community we will encourage sustainable gardening practices and help provide beauty, healthy food, and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors to members of our Lynnfield Community. Here’s how the seed library works:

  • Take the seeds you need. Please take no more than 3 varieties of seeds at one time.
  • Bring the seeds home, and plant them in your garden. Care for them, and they will grow big and strong.
  • Collect seeds from healthy plants you have grown. Put extra seeds in a small envelope or bag. Label them with the date they were harvested, and what variety of plant they came from. Bring them back to the library to donate.

The Seed Library is an exciting addition to the Lynnfield Public Library’s collections. We would like to thank Burpee Seeds and Plants, High Mowing Organic Seeds, and Fedco Seeds for their generous donations!

To learn about new additions to the Library of Things, sign up for our newsletter by clicking this link.

Call the library at 781-334-5411 or e-mail with any questions!