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If you would like to present a program at the Lynnfield Public Library, or if there is a program you would like to see at the library, please fill out the form below. A member of the library staff will be in touch with you regarding the suggested program. All library programs must adhere to the Lynnfield Public Library Programming Policy.

Suggest a Program

Suggestions for programs to be held at the Lynnfield Library.

Are you a Lynnfield resident?(Required)
What kind of program are you proposing?(Required)
Tell your attendees what they will see, hear, or do at the program and why they would want to attend. Describe your program in one or two paragraphs.
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Please submit a brief biographical statement of the program presenter. Include accomplishments, education, employment, licenses, etc. that you feel qualify the presenter for the above proposed program. The library staff may use this biographical statement to introduce the program.
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