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What are Hot Spots?

A Hot Spot provides a wireless internet access point to Wi-Fi enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, etc. Our hot spots are part of the Technology Collection in our Library of Things. You can reserve them in the Library Catalog.

A mobile hot spot used to creating a WiFi network for portable internet.
Hot Spots

How do Hot Spots work?

  1. Turn on the Library Hot Spot and your device.
  2. Go into the network settings/Wi-Fi setup area on your device.
  3. Find the name of the Hot Spot you are trying to connect to (listed on your borrowed Hot Spot).
  4. Enter the password to connect (the password is listed on the borrowed Hot Spot).
  5. Begin using your device as normal!

Hot Spots are portable once the battery is charged and only require recharging every few hours (duration of battery life varies depending on service signal strength, number of devices connected, etc.). Hot Spots can be used in your home, in a car, or anywhere service is available.

Our Hot Spots are from Mobile Beacon. Mobile Beacon’s internet service is provided on Sprint’s 4G/5G LTE network.  Check Sprint’s 4G/5G LTE coverage.

How can I borrow a Hot Spot?

Hot Spots can be checked out for three weeks with two renewals. Patrons may place a Hot Spot on hold for pickup at Lynnfield Library only.  Hot Spot must be picked up and returned inside the Lynnfield Library and NOT in the outdoor drop box.  One Hot Spot may be borrowed per library card.

All parts of the Hot Spot Kit must be returned in the case; the Kit will remain checked out to the patron until all parts are returned.  Replacement Hot Spots will not be accepted. Patrons will be responsible for individual items from the Kit if they are lost, stolen, or damaged; the replacement cost will vary depending on the cost of the items.

Interested in checking out a Chromebook Kit with a Hot Spot? Check the Chromebook Kit page for more information.

Additional Usage Guidance

By using the Hot Spot the patron acknowledges that they are subject to and agrees to abide by the Library’s Internet Access Policy (available online and upon request) and the following conditions:

  • Library patrons will need to provide their own Wi-Fi enabled equipment. The library staff cannot troubleshoot problems related to the patron’s hardware, software or configurations. Library staff is not permitted to handle patrons’ laptops, tablets, smartphones or other personal devices. Please note that the Library cannot guarantee a particular device will work with the Library’s mobile hot spot.
  • Library staff is not permitted to configure patrons’ equipment or provide technical assistance with connecting to the wireless network.
  • Patrons use this service at their own risk. As with most public wireless networks, any information being sent or received over the wireless network could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user.
  • The Library is not responsible for any personal information that is compromised or for any damages, alterations, or interferences with patron’s device or data files resulting from use of the wireless network.
  • The Library is not liable for any consequences of wireless network access including loss of data, transmission of computer viruses, and the interception of sensitive data. Patrons are responsible for virus and security protection on their laptops and other wireless devices if they choose.
  • The Library does not guarantee that the wireless network will be available and the Library is not responsible for outages and/or connectivity issues.

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