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Lynnfield Public Library

Wireless Printing Portal

Follow the instructions below to wirelessly print from home or in the Library.

All printing is single-sided.  Black & White, $0.15 / page.  Color $0.25 / page.

(Download Wireless Printing Directions – Lynnfield Public Library

  • Upload a Document from a Computer or Laptop

    1. Open the Wireless Printing Portal (https://www.printeron.net/lynnfield/publiclibrary)

    2. Printer: Select one of the two Library printers

     Black and White

    3. User Info: Enter your email address

    4. Select Document:

     If printing a document from your computer or laptop, Click Browse and locate the file to print
     If printing from a website, copy and paste the website’s URL into the text box

    5. Click the wireless printing instructions(Print) button.  This will send your print job to the Print Release Station near the Public Internet Computers on the main floor.

  • Send as Email Attachment from any device

    Computers, Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

    Login to your email account and send / forward an email with the document to be printed as an attachment to either of two printers:

    • Black and White :  lynnfieldpubliclibrary-bw@printspots.com
    • Color : lynnfieldpubliclibrary-color@printspots.com

    NOTE:  The attachment and body of the email will be sent as two separate jobs to the Print Release Station.

    You will receive a confirmation email when your print job is available to print from the Print Release Station.  Use your email address to retrieve your print job at the Print Release Station

  • Printing from a Chromebook

    1. With document opened in “Google Docs”, click on “File”, then choose “Download as”, then select “Microsoft Word” or “PDF”.

    2. Document is now downloaded into “Folder” (To verify you can click on “Show in Folder” link in pop-up box.)

    3. Open a new tab for a web page, go to “https://www.lynnfieldlibrary.org” and click on “Chromebook Printing” link under “Wireless Printing”.  This opens up the Mobile Printing App.

    4. Choose “Black” or “Color” printing, enter your email address, then click on “browse” to find your file.

    5. The Chromebook will open up the folder where your document is, select the document to be printed, then click “Open”.

    6. You will be directed back to the Mobile Printing Services page, click the printer icon, and your job be sent to the Print Release Station.

    7. Click on the Printer icon on the bottom, and your job will be sent to the printer.

    If you’d like to see how this works in action, watch the quick 2-minute video below!

  • At the Print Release Station

    1. At the Print Release Station, click Release Print button

    2. Enter your email address in the lower (second) box
    – the section for print jobs sent from mobile devices

    3. Follow directions posted on monitor of the Print Release Station
    (see Reference for help) 

All print jobs are cleared from the Print Release Station at Midnight every night

Apps for Tablets & Smartphones

Print Documents, Photos, or Web pages from your Apple iPhone and iPad or Android Phone & Tablet with the PrinterOn app.



Once installed you need to set up your favorite printing locations:

  1. In the app, tap Select a Printer
  2. Search for Lynnfield Public Library to see both Black and White and Color printers
  3. You will need to tap the info-icon2 icon, then tap save star

You will need to do this for both the Black and White and Color printers

Follow the prompts on the screen to print from the App

(After entering your email address tap the check mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen to submit the print job)

For more information about printing from the PrinterOn app visit: www.printeron.com/apps.html