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Review Design Services Proposals for Lynnfield Library Building Program

The next phase of Lynnfield Library’s Building Project is underway.  Architectural design services proposals are being submitted by firms this week for the planning and design of a renovated or new public library in Lynnfield.  The needs and requirements for the next 20 years are based on an assessment created with funding from the MA Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) grant earlier this year.  This program entails a plan to transition our Library from one built to support only a physical collection to one that embraces present Internet/evolving mobile technologies and also provides for accommodating yet unknown technology possibilities and user needs in the future.

Since our present Library structure is unsuitable to meet present and future needs, as a wide spectrum of options are available on how to accomplish this going forward.  A process endorsed by the Selectmen is already underway to determine the best way for Lynnfield to proceed.  The Town’s Capital Facilities Advisory Committee’s (CFAC) process is evaluating the Library in conjunction with a coordinated plan for all Lynnfield capital facilities.

An Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) has been engaged by the Library Trustees (also MBLC funded) to guide the Trustees and Town on how best to obtain inputs from residents, create a recommended alternative that will address present and future needs to be presented and voted upon at the April 2016 Town Meeting.

A Library Building Committee has been named by the Board of Selectmen consisting of community members, the Library Director and liaisons from the Selectmen and other Town Boards to support the process.

If you are interested in understanding the possibilities, please follow the link below and peruse the proposals received from which one firm will be selected.  If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Ryan by email, ryan@noblenet.org; phone 781.334.5411; or type your comments in the box provided below.  If you would like someone to contact you in regards your questions or comments please include your email or phone number in the message area.

Thank you.


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