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What do I need to start using Mango?

  1. A Lynnfield Library card and PIN #
  2. A free Mango account

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mango?

    Mango is a free language-learning tool with over 70+ languages and dialects to choose from. With Mango, you can learn at your own pace with lessons that are built around real conversational situations.

    Each lesson has goals and concepts that build on the lesson that came before, steadily advancing as your knowledge of the language grows. Mango languages helps you to build practical language skills wherever you are—one conversation at a time.
  • How can I use Mango?

    Mango is available to all patrons with a Lynnfield Library card.

    You can access Mango on your computer, Smartphone, or Tablet.
  • What languages can I learn with Mango?

    There are over 70 languages, including world languages, English courses, and endangered & indigenous languages you can learn through Mango. Please find an updated list here.
  • What are some other features?

    • When using Mango through your computer browser, you will have access to Google translate to help translate words or phrases quickly and accurately
    • On the Mango app for Apple or Android devices, you can set study reminders to stay on top of your lessons
    • Some languages offer specialized units that are shorter, topic-based courses that cover specialized or professional terminologies such a medical, business, or legal terminology. There is a wide variety of specialized options to help you learn more.
    • Learn hands free with the Autoplay feature, available on the Mango app, and listen on the go

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