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Espionage Thrillers

The sometimes glamorous, always dangerous life of the spy! Read one of these fast-paced novels about manhunts, moles, undercover surveillance, and the shadow world of international espionage.

Warriors / Ted Bell The counterfeit agent / Alex Berenson Night Heron Midnight in Europe Robert Ludlum's The Janson option / Paul Garrison Overwatch An officer and a spy / Robert Harris Cold Shot The death trade / Jack Higgins The Director Decoded / Mai Jia The dealer and the dead / Gerald Seymour The heist The Cairo affair / Olen Steinhauer Hidden order : a thriller / Brad Thor Blowback : a Vanessa Pierson novel / Valerie Plame and Sarah Lovett A delicate truth / John le Carré Red star falling : a thriller / Brian Freemantle Out of range / Hank Steinberg Dry bones / Peter Quinn Slingshot : a spycatcher novel / Matthew Dunn Hazardous duty / W.E.B. Griffin Silent assassin / Leo J. Maloney  

updated 4/16/2014